The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing for eCommerce Stores

Perhaps, we don’t must inform you how big influencer panorama is and the way probable the outcome you might get when you embrace an eCommerce influencer online marketing strategy.

If you’re the newest person available on the market, who longs for any piece from the cake, you probably recognize that influencer advertising and marketing will be your perfectly suitable option. Or, you’ve previously been a large person in the crowded eCommerce entire world, and now you want a larger piece of the cake. By having an efficient eCommerce influencer web marketing strategy, you are likely to grow your organization quicker and acquire a greater income.

In this definitive guide, you’ll find out:

  • What influencer marketing is and why eCommerce brands need it
  • Ecommerce influencer marketing trends in 2019
  • How to build an effective eCommerce influencer marketing
  • Influencer marketing ideas for any eCommerce store
  • Successful eCommerce influencer marketing case studies

Integrating influencer marketing into your marketing campaign to market your product, you’ll boost your campaign ROI, for sure!

What influencer marketing is and why eCommerce brands need it

At its most straightforward, influencer marketing and advertising is really a technique which zeros in on employing influencers to operate a brand’s meaning to focus on target audience. Inside a standard influencer web marketing strategy, a brand kinds a alliance with an influencer in which the influencer believes to show his/her market to the brand’s message or articles.

Currently, influencer marketing and advertising is no longer meant for million-money firms. In fact, if you’re a whole new and/or tiny eCommerce company, you can get a great deal of advantages from influencer marketing and advertising.

The main reason why the system functions so well is uncomplicated and straightforward:

1. Boost brand awareness

Folks often desire to notice referrals from those whose opinions they rely on. When you implement an eCommerce influencer online marketing strategy, your influencers can produce impacts in the shopping process. That is certainly, they help foster your manufacturer recognition and credibility.

2. Build trust with audiences

Folks anxiety fraud and untrue claims. They have grow to be progressively more careful when buying online, even on trustworthy retailers as a result. However, when your company is advertised by an influencer, that fear can be dispelled and folks may be a lot more relying in you. It is mainly because they trust a person who’ve manufactured the recommendation.

3. Improve SEO

You may possibly not assume that influencer marketing can increase SEO. But taking into consideration the long-term result, the truth is it can do! Recall influencers write engaging contents, have hundreds (as well as thousands and thousands) of supporters, and are therefore pattern-setters. They generally have their own great-expert websites and visit other great-power types to offer their emails online.

Hence, when an influencer writes an overview of your product or service and back links the post directly aimed at your website, you’ll get an excellent backlink from the eye of Yahoo. Appropriately, your search rankings on search engines like google will be increased.

Ecommerce influencers marketing trends in 2019

The field of influencer advertising is constantly take and transforming new tips year in year out. Rather progressive and relatively expected, although on the whole, most of the adjustments aren’t unanticipated.

Here are four crucial eCommerce influencer advertising and marketing styles to watch out for, in 2019:

1. Instagram – Key eCommerce influencer marketing channel

The first trend you need to keep an eye on is Instagram which will remain the essential influencer advertising and marketing channel. In 2018, Instagram reached one billion regular monthly lively users and definitely is growing. Also, the platform will keep the identical situation as the leading one for brand-influencer collaborations, taking part in 93Per cent influencer strategies. This number roughly increases the rates of YouTube and Facebook.

Substantial-good quality and short video clips really are a roaring success with fast hits, straightforward proposal, and fast comes after. The Snapchat-likefunction and Testimonies, is hugely successful. Furthermore, Instagram does a significantly better work than its competition (especially Snapchat) when it comes to supporting influencers as well as the companies that might work together.

2. Invest in influencers who use video

As humankind, we have a simple duration of interest, and that we love to be amused. This is the reason why centering on influencers who use movie to market them is a superb approach in 2019. Besides a youtube video (especially live video clip) entice quick consideration, but it additionally encourages visitors to participate using the content material (like, opinion, and share) as soon as the movie triggers their sensations.

By 2019, online video content on Instagram brings about 65Per cent advert perceptions. Also, live video marketing is probably going to take into account 85Percent of all internet visitors. To use video tutorials to your influencer marketing, you should think of sponsoring influencers’ are living feeds on social programs. Live-streamed influencer collaborations are feasible alternatives, that may consist of Q&As, special offers, and behind-the-scenes footage at situations. There exists a wide array of opportunities you can attempt.

3. Micro and macro influencers

When enterprises search for influencers to promote functions, they typically focus on people that have no less than 100,000 readers (known as macro influencers). Nevertheless the fact appears, greater isn’t always better in terms of eCommerce influencer advertising and marketing. Many companies have been homing in on the effectiveness of micro-influencers with fewer than ten thousand followers on social websites. In 2019, macro-influencers is till “the game”. So does mini-influencers.

When you purchase macro influencers for the influencer marketing and advertising, consider that they can provide you with a notably increased attain, but at a very high expense. For example, superstar entrepreneur Kylie Jenner expenses about $1 million for the subsidized social media marketing submit. Besides, macro-influencers often have a fantastic diversity of fans, each demographically and psychographically. Therefore, they seem to be more desirable for the top of funnel advertising strategies which encourage items on the masses, based on John Huntinghouse, Electronic Marketing and advertising Director at Legendary Advertising and marketing.

At the same time, micro-influencers often focus on a specific niche market. They communicate with their fans more regularly and so are seen as far more authentic. They’re also cheaper than macro-influencers.

4. Authentic content

As stated previous, people have zero endurance for phony or halfhearted contents. As outlined by 2017 Client Content Report, validity plays a crucially crucial role in creating interactions with internet followers. Appropriately, 90% of Millennials, 85Percent of Gen-Xers, and 80% of Baby Boomers said they appreciated validity when picking which brand name they provide their assistance and believe in.

An effective example of these kinds of content articles are end user-generated content (UGC). Not just as it is probably the most genuine, and also together with the of course approval, companies can repost and additional take part together with the local community, this content material type is even known as a goldmine for companies. You may combine UGC across email, item-exhibit pages, and advertising campaigns to maintain an real and regular visual appeal for your personal company across all platforms.

How to build an eCommerce effective influencer marketing strategy

1. Consider your budget

What size is the eCommerce influencer advertising and marketing finances?

Based upon a study document carried out by Linqia, most entrepreneurs spend from $25,000 to $100,000 on influencer advertising and marketing in 2018. They likewise have an idea to boost their shelling out within the pursuing years.

Frequently, when you’re on a tight budget and preparation your cash flow, producing right decisions about which areas of eCommerce influencer advertising you must commit more cash in can be challenging. In regards to this, the issue doesn’t lie in exactly how much your finances is, but how you commit it. If you have a little retailer as well as a tight spending budget, it’s even more essential to spend it properly.

Below are two budget planning methods to try:

#1 Use results-based pricing models

With this method, you create pricing models based on the results your influencers will bring to you.

  • Cost per Engagement (CPE): Number of likes, shares, or comments.
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA): Number of sales or generated leads.
  • Cost per Click (CPC): Number of actions taken when customers view or interact with influencers.

The greater results your influencers drive, the more you have to pay them, and the larger your budget for your eCommerce influencer marketing campaign is.

#2 Use upfront payment method

That is, you determine a set compensation amount for each review article, video, social media post, and other content delivered. This way, you won’t have to allocate more of your budget even when your influencers turn out to be extremely effective.

The question is how much do influencers charge per post?

Based on Digiday’s reports, on average, influencers will charge:

  • Instagram: $1,000 per 100,000 followers.
  • Snapchat: Start at $500 per campaign in 24 hours.
  • YouTube: Roughly $2,000 per 100,000 follower.

But this just isn’t how it’s done in eCommerce influencer marketing! Let’s say you can’t afford Kim Kardashian who will cost you more than $250,000 for a single Instagram post, there’re many other rooms when it comes to pricing, depending on your goals.

influencer marketing with Kim Kardashian

Typically, influencer pricing varies greatly and depends on:

  • The number of followers the influencer has.
  • The amount of engagement their posts gathers.
  • The fit of your advertisement with their brand and followers.
  • The number of posts you want the influencer to create.
  • The type of posts such as images, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • The amount of time and effort needed from the influencer. For example, do you support any image/video or the influencer has to create everything from scratch?
  • Where your advertisement will be shown. For example, will it just appear on the influencer’s social account? Are you cross-posting it? Are you using it for other purposes?

Most influencers set their own rates. You should look at them from a purely financial standpoint, so you can gauge their worth.

A key to remember that no two influencers are created equal. Their pay will vary, as will their following, their social savvy and the power they hold for your brand.

2. Make an influencer persona

To help your influencer marketing campaign be successful, you have to choose the right influencers, figure out who they are, and how they fit you. In other words, you need to create a persona for your influencers as you do for your target customers.

How to find the right influencers

Initially, how exactly does an influencer seem like?

Generally, influencers aren’t just superstars. In reality, they may be anyplace, and they are often any person. Why is many people influential is the strength in impacting on others as well as their big followers online blogs and websites. Additionally, social networking platforms). An influencer could be a well-known food wedding photographer who tweets, a hard-working physical fitness trainer with six-package abs on Instagram, or even a respected CEO on LinkedIn. These people have the power to create a response within their fans, impressive them to do this and this. Inside any industry, you will always find significant individuals readily available – your career is to locate them.

There are many ways at your disposal to get influencers on the net. However the tough factor is sorting through millions of consumers, to state nothing of several programs you need to work with. Fortunately, each foundation provides some strategies to get influencers you want.

Think your brand name is with the overall health food items business. You can start by browsing #healthyfood or #vegetablefood.

find influencers on Twitter
Use hashtag #healthyfood to find influencers on Twitter.

Besides hashtag, you can use the following tools to quickly catch up your desired influencers:

#1 and Social Blade is a tool to find influencers on many channels, namely Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Blog. This tool has a huge influencer database and gives you a free package with 30 influencers per month.

It’s super easy to use. Just type your category/industry in the search bar, and then click Search. After that, you’ll see a list of influencers on your chosen platform.

Find influencers on

Moreover, the Superior research function provides you with numerous filtering options to find out precisely the influencers you need. So, never overlook to acquire the best from to have your career accomplished.

After you pick-up some possible lovers, you may vet them making use of the cost-free influencer data revealing device Interpersonal Blade. If those companions have a natural follower progress bend, this really is a effective on the internet tool that will help you check.

To illustrate, here’s the user profile to the initially influencer who turned up within the earlier “food” explore The top of the this record reveals the influencer’s data followed by a ranking, meaning a grade for that accounts depending on the proposal and adhering to.

Vet influencers using Social Blade

Also, you see a chart of their Instagram stats, including their follower increase/decrease week over week and how many people they’re following and their media mentions.

View Instagram stats on Social Blade

#2 HypeAuditor

To find best Instagram influencers ranked by quality followers and authentic engagement, consider using HypeAuditor. This tool applied AI technology to gather raw data from different sources, analyze it, and then rank influencers. You can easily to select a list of the top 1000 influencers or choose to view influencers by countries/categories.

HypeAuditor shows influencers by countries/categories.

Besides, you can learn more about a specific influencer by entering their name in the Search box. HypeAuditor will give you all details about that influencer like a flash.

Search influencers on HypeAuditor

#3 Scrunch

Scrunch is a data-focused influencer marketing platform to connect with YouTube influencers. When you sign up, select which categories of influencer you’re looking for like fashion, beauty, or food. Also, you can shrink your search to micro-, macro-, or power influencers. After that, you’ll see the dashboard like this.

Connect with YouTube influencers on Scrunch

Best influencers for eCommerce

Finding the right influencers can be a tough task. Here, we’ve created a list of the best influencers in some industries. Feel free to use this list to save your time and effort.







Fashion & Style









Sport & Fitness



Pair specific products with specific influencers

A key thing to remember is your chosen influencers’ lifestyle should be fit into your product.


It’s because the promotion will be organic.

The less forced an eCommerce influencer marketing campaign appears, the more positively your audience will react to it, and the more engagement you’ll bring to your product.

Youfoodz hit a home run when they partnered with Instagram influencers to promote the rollout of their new winter menu. They focused on influencers whose niches are health, fitness, and food. They picked up 81 influencers and had 167 pieces of content created. More than 162 Instagram stories were posted during the campaign.

Youfoodz's successful influencer marketing campaign.

If Youfoodz had chosen influencers in other niches, the promotion probably won’t have brought any good result. That’s why you should match specific products with specific and relevant influencers. Think about this from the very beginning.

Determine fair compensation

It’s a necessity to remember your capacity to purchase and influencer prices which means you do not purchase what doesn’t function, as discussed earlier mentioned. But take care since should your influencers aren’t getting a fair bargain, your promotion is very likely to crash.

A report executed by TapInfluence Altimeter showed that a lot of brand names offer inferior compensation. In terms of influencer advertising, it is the biggest blunder.

To make acceptable settlement for your personal influencers, you must assess the relationship deal, adhering to dimensions/top quality, and time period of arrangement. Simultaneously, do not forget these fantastic policies:

  • Be aware of the industry “average”.
  • Pay for what you need.
  • You get what you pay for.

A useful instrument to have this carried out is Influencer Advertising Hub’s Instagram Influencer Profits Calculator. This device fails follower count up, number of articles, number of likes, variety of comments, approximated income per publish, and proposal price.

The snapshot of YouTube influencer Zoella’s potential Instagram earnings:

3. Create great influencer contents

Obviously, you, like a internet marketer, can cause materials all by yourself, and after that give them to the influencers to promote them. However, plenty of companies go with the second approach that they create fantastic content material that their influencers will link to. Whatever you decide, producing an amazing influencer short might not exactly come naturally to every company.

Mencap released the #HereIAm campaign to struggle stereotypes and have the content that men and women with discovering impairments should belistened to and noticed, and integrated.

To know that message, Mencap worked with numerous influencers, like entertainer twins Niki and Sammy or comedian Jack actor and Whitehall Kit Harington. Moreover, the emblem also developed a 1-minute online video called Here I Am Just: Recognize Me to speed up the campaign.

The campaign had 780,000 video content views. It also reached 10m social users, and a combined 21,000 likes, shares, and comments.

Here’s the format of video so you can understand how powerful the messaging is:

  • 0:00 to 0:15 Start from a quote

Words of a leading academic, 1968.  

  • 0:15 – 1:00 Destroy the quote

DJ Casey Dude destroys that view in his own skillful way.

The video content works so well because it includes some persuasive content creation tactics:

  • The content is relatable. Lots of people aged 25 to 34 years old are the least knowledgeable about learning disabilities.
  • The content is compelling. DJ Casey Dude is Down’s syndrome too. He showed up on the video to make a big change for everyone and for himself. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • The content is trustworthy. Mencap included the source of the quote. Audiences can easily to check the quote on the Internet.

Based on this, you can try using a similar format, or come up with your own format. If you select the latter, here are some tips for you:

  • Do research on the message you want to spread thoroughly. Ask your target audience what content is working best for them. Another way to do this is going on their social profiles and blog to see what gets the most traffic, comments, and shares.
  • Study what makes the piece of content so successful. For example, you can break the video content down into a format that you can replicate.
  • Create a content plan. You can make a series of content or just a piece, depending on your goal.

4. Key metrics of eCommerce influencer marketing

Below are four key metrics you should use to track the results of your influencer marketing campaigns:


If your goal is to build an engaged community, engagement is your best measure of success.

Basically, influencer engagement refers to your brand loyalty in the future. You can use it to track your long-term ROI.

To measure the engagement an influencer drives to your brand, track these:

  • Clicks: Clicks measure interest levels in your audiences. Besides, you can also use them to track the buzz around your content.
  • Likes: Likes measure content appreciation. They can increase the ranking of your content on Facebook as well.
  • Reactions: Expressing reactions may require more effort, so Facebook edited its algorithm to improve their credibility. In general, reactions can show sentiment better than a basic like.
  • Shares: Shares show the quality of your content. If your customers introduce your content to others, they’ll recommend your products, too.
  • Comments: The more comments your posts get, the more likely that your customers feel interested in your content.
  • Brand mentions: They help track where your content is being discussed and amplified.

When you evaluate engagements, you can also track CPE (cost per engagement) which means the money spent per click-through, like, comment, etc. CPE gives you insights into how your customers are reacting to both your products and your brand.

To calculate CPE, you can do it on your own using this formula:

CPE = Total amount spent/Total measure engagements.

Or, using this online calculator.

Or, working with a marketing tool like BuzzSumo. Just enter the URL for your site or a specific blog post to view its engagement level.



Reach is also an essential ROI element. It points out how many people possibly saw your content. The more reach your eCommerce influencer marketing campaign get, the more potential purchases you can gain.

To measure influencer reach, focus on three key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Followers: Number of fans or followers an influencer has.
  • Impressions: Number of times your content are shown to your target customers.
  • Traffic data: The amount of traffic an influencer brings to your site.

You can view the data from the social media profiles or use tools like Buzzsumo and Google Analytics to read statistics. Then, create a spreadsheet like this.

Create spreadsheet

Social Lead

All things considered, your goal gets brings about transform potential prospects into customers.

To optimize your Return on investment, you have to stipulate the influencers and programs which are making one of the most sales opportunities.

For instance, if you get a lot more qualified prospects from Instagram and Facebook or myspace, request your influencers to create much more high-top quality articles for all those stations.

But, how would you path the quantity of prospects? The answer will be making use of Google analytics. Head to Acquisition > Overview to view your targeted traffic stations.

Google Analytics

Then, click Social in the list of traffic channels.

Google Analytics


Successful eCommerce influencer marketing campaigns will drive sales. To track sales, use affiliate links, promo codes and UTM parameters.

Providing your influencers with affiliate links is the very simplest way to examine your ROI. Your influencers will get a commission when they drive customers to your site via those links. What’s more, affiliate links show CTR to your site, number of sales, and the average value of each order.

affiliate links

Or, use promote codes to measure an influencer’s impact on sales. When a customer uses the promo code mentioned in the content, you can track their future purchases.

promote codes

Or, add UTM parameters to URL to track your results in Google Analytics. After that, you receive data about the site like where the ad appears, the campaign name, and keywords used.

Influencer marketing ideas for any eCommerce store

In real life, there are several ways to achieve your business goals with ecommerce influencer marketing. Below are five viable tactics to get you started today.

1. Social media shoutouts

This is a type of classic influencer content. So, you can begin here. Just send your influencer some samples, along with a few highlights concerning your brand name and how you can aid their enthusiasts. Then, let them develop a subsidized article that informs their followers how wonderful you happen to be. is actually a Brazilian make of beauty. They collaborate with Instagrammers who enjoy skin area cares to distributed the word about how exactly using their product or service manufactured them feel great within their skin.

Subsidized articles similar to this racked up approximately 40,380 likes.

Social media shoutouts

2. Blog post reviews

This can be another typical influencer marketing strategy. For a very good reason, it actually operates!

In-depth articles or content relating to your brand can give an influencer’s viewers every piece of information they need to cause them to act. These items of information are common manufactured up in a single article published by the influencer your target audience admire.

Hello New can be a dinner set shipping assistance, which collaborated with food items bloggers to advertise the meals they eat as healthful and tasty. With this report on Hello New, the blogger strategically provides her followers a “too lengthy, did not read” CTA correct at the very top, for them to hop at by using a lower price on the initial buy.

Blog post reviews

3. Sponsored YouTube videos

When compared with Facebook and Instagram, YouTube is obviously an excellent platform for eCommerce influencer marketing. In fact, if you have ever heard of PewDiePie, you know the power of YouTube influencer marketing, for sure. Brands know this. YouTube knows this. And Google knows this too.

In case you miss it: YouTube is particularly effective because it works well on all parts of the conversion funnel. That is, this platform offers both visual branding opportunity and a significant amount of traffic to your website.

Apart from using food blogger, Hello Fresh has made itself known by sponsoring lifestyle influencers like YouTuber Kathleen Lights. As a creator herself, this sponsorship is a natural fit.

Request that influencers don’t just mention your brand name in their videos. Ideally, your brand should make sense within the context of the video. For example, Lavendaire created a video where a Hello Fresh box offered her three meals prepared in it. Therefore, she could cook quickly after she just moved to a new apartment.

Sponsored YouTube videos

4. In-person events

Everything great is happening online. But you always have many other choices to attract a lot more consumers. Using in-person events is one of them. More specifically, you can invite influencers to your live events. Then, amplify your efforts by filming part of the event for your social media. This way, your followers who couldn’t join that event still get to feel like VIPs and will make it your next event.

in-person events

If your event is a food festival, you can partner with Instagram food bloggers and invite them to your event. They will post dramatic pictures of sushi and cocktails. Remember that customers are still looking to trendsetters to help them make decisions. That’s why making use of influencer marketing is a very good way to drive attendance.

5. Brand testimonials

Customer testimonials are truly critical to a brand. They build trust in the brand. They establish credibility. And they provide your prospects with the social proof that they seek when making purchase decisions.

In your influencer marketing strategy, you can feature your influencers on your website and include their reviews to impress customers. For example, let your influential customers do the selling for you as Tumi did. Each product includes reviews from customers who already purchase (at least) one.

Brand testimonials

*Bonus: Here’s our exclusive material for you: Successful eCommerce Influencer Marketing Case Studies to learn valuable lessons, and then apply them into your influencer marketing.

Wrap up

Alright. That was a lot. You now have a detailed overview of eCommerce influencer marketing for your stores. There’s nothing holding you back. You have the information you need.

Let’s start creating your first influencer marketing strategy today, and let us know how it’s going.

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