Top 15+ Shopify Apps to Boost Sales (Updated 2019)

Not only does Shopify allow it to be an easy task to market on the internet, it also offers what online retailers have to have the most to attain eCommerce accomplishment. If you are looking for a solution to improve your sales, and we know you always are, the top Shopify apps is a priceless source for you.

You will probably find it a lttle bit overpowering to navigate the tremendous app store and examination over 2,000 applications to find the best ones for your personal web shop, that is why we’ve split up the golden through the dross that you can discover 15 greatest cost-free Shopify programs. They are your efficient choices to lift your prospects or sales while not having to spend a penny.

This is actually the list of 15+ finest Shopify applications which will keep your shop up and grow, at no cost.

#1 Boost Sales – Offer both upsells & cross-sells in just 1 app

35% of Amazon’s earnings is the result of upsells & go across-offers. This plan is shown to be a must-have element that really works just like a charm when employed effectively.

Therefore we opt for Boost Income to be the better Shopify app that can help you do that. It’s the one that appears right out of the group, due to its modification, confirming functionality and skilled design, even though this isn’t the only real upsell & cross-market app in top rated Shopify Apps Shop.

When buyers view or add more an item to cart, the app will recommend connected goods that they most likely want to purchase. From this method for you to actually deliver far more benefit to the customers while providing you with far more revenue, better preservation, minimizing churn.

It is possible to elect to produce the upsell & go across-promote delivers inside the widget form or in the popup type.

must have shopify apps

The widget form

boost sales popup form

The popup form

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#2 KIT – Run your Shopify store better

Package will be the added set of fingers you’ve been searching for to assist with marketing and advertising your shop. For your Free of charge virtual staff, Package will automatically recommend the advertising and marketing activities that are most likely to operate revenue.

With a few speedy information to Set over SMS or Facebook Messenger, you could make a discount rule and advertise it, set up a retargeting strategy to give guests straight back to your shop, give thank you emails to clients, and much more!

Kit assists you to handle your Instagram and Facebook adverts, e-mail marketing, and social blogposts to get sales and improve your business—all for free. The return on your investment you will get from Set are usually in the revenue you will be making and also the time you save by getting System handle your marketing and advertising.


KIT – One of the list of must have Shopify apps

#3 Checkout Boost – Different types of deals that increase checkouts to 25%+

Whether you’re running a large or perhaps a little web store, marketing services or products – there is a large possibility your retailer is dripping cash.

That cash will come from guests who you couldn’t convert, probable sales that you couldn’t upsell or deserted carts that blasted using your web site and not arrived back…

Have a look at Improve app will be the only answer you’ll ever need to fix all troubles in just a short time.

  • Run exit-intent offers to catch customers who’re about to abandon their cart
  • Motivate customers to spend more to receive special offers with Sales Gamification technique
  • Upsell more relevant items after checkout to promote repeat purchase
  • Ask customers to share their cart to Facebook/Twitter to receive special offers

countdown timer offer

Checkout Boost – Top Shopify apps

We’ve gathered our data to write a detailed report on how much you can actually earn using Checkout Boost. If you want to know the predicted money you can get with this app or with other Beeketing apps, read our report here.

NEW: Click here to see 6 types of offer you can create with Checkout Boost app.

#4 Countdown Cart – Top Shopify apps to create a sense of urgency

When a person thinks that something is running out, they want it more. It’s all about the human inner psychology. If you know how to create a strong sense of urgency and scarcity for your Shopify store, you are making big money.

Have no idea how to achieve that just yet? Countdown Cart is the perfect tool for you! Immediately adds a countdown timer, a stock countdown, and a social proof widget to your product pages after being installed, provides a nice prompt to nudge shoppers towards a purchase, the app can remarkably increase your conversions.

Countdown Cart

Countdown Cart – Top Shopify Apps

#5 SiteKit – Create Exit-intent Popups to Convert Site Visitors to Customers

SiteKit is actually a transformation app that allows you to produce various kinds of popups for your store, which includes best pubs (free delivery bars), voucher popups, as well as rewrite-to-succeed popups. The app is ideal to advertise your sales activities and make an email list with potential clients. You could utilize discount popups to offer away bonuses, which encourage the customers to accomplish their purchases or join for e-mails.

Win Wheel - powerful gamified popup from SiteKit

Win Wheel – a gamified popup from SiteKit

Also, SiteKit has many advanced targeting and triggering features to optimize the conversion rates of your sites. Exit-intent technology and new customer trigger are some of the notable features.

You can use SiteKit free forever. However, by upgrading to premium, you can unlock advanced features like gamification, exit-intent technology, and email service integration.

#6 Sales Pop – Boost conversions by recent sale popups

As one of the most trending apps in 2017, it’d become a big error if Revenue Burst is just not contained in the collection of the most effective Shopify software. Very first, released in January 2017, Income Burst is just about the most popular Shopify free of charge applications, with 60,000 energetic customers and more than 8,000 testimonials, relocating to the very top as the No.1 Revenue app after just 1 week.

Showing live and dynamically upgrading notifications that report what merchandise other end users have recently bought,  the app produces credibility, stimulate buying and increase in the conversion rate for the Shopify retailer.

After set up, the app automatically syncs with store’s details to get your newest orders placed and change them into notification popups, such as this:

Sales pop

                                  Sales Pop – One of the list of must have Shopify apps

#7 Personalized Recommendation – Boost cart value and grow sales

Analyzing the unique preference of every visitor to your store based on their browsing behavior and sales history, this app displays the most relevant product recommendations across your site and creates more personal and more inspiring shopping experiences for your customers.

personalized recommendation

Personalized Recommendation – Top Shopify Apps

Personalized Recommendation app builds 5 types of widgets and gives you the options to set up appropriate types of recommendation on each page:

  • Customers who bought this also bought
  • Bestsellers of the store
  • Recently viewed & featured recommendation
  • Recommendation based on cart
  • Smart upsell popup to lift up your add-to-cart rate and boost more sales. When customers add an item from the recommendation widget, a nice & clean upsell popup will come up to suggest them more related items they most likely want to buy.

best free Shopify apps

Personalized Recommendation – One of the list of must have Shopify apps

Besides, if you are interested in upselling and cross-selling, you can take a look at Boost Sales, a marketing app that focuses on building advanced upsell and cross-sell offers.

#8 – Loyalty points, VIP, Referral program made easy allows you to quickly set up and run your own rewards program that is equally engaging, fun, and motivating for your customers whether they are on both mobile or desktop. When you reward your customers they are more loyal, more likely to return, and more likely to make repeat purchases.

You can easily create a reward program for purchases, customer referrals, account registrations, social shares/follows and birthday rewards in just a few clicks.

best shopify apps – Top Shopify Apps

#9 Instagram shop – Make your Instagram feed shoppable

Snapppt is designed to help you better utilize your Instagram account to get more sales. It bridges the gap between your Instagram account and your store, via your Snapppt profile page, which displays your curated Instagram images, and allows the customer to go directly to where the product can be purchased. This means the service allows you to import images from your Instagram account into your Snapppt profile, and then specify where the image should then lead the customer to.

best shopify apps

Snapppt – One of the list of must have Shopify apps

Also, Snapppt offers an embed which allows you to place your Snapppt profile into any page of your store or website – creating a more seamless experience.

best shopify apps

Snapppt – Top Shopify Apps

With Snapppt, you can make Instagram become your next customer acquisition, make it easy for your followers to buy the product they see in your Instagram posts.

#10 Mobile Converter – Boost mobile conversions and revenue

Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic years ago but sadly the conversion rates for mobile still lag way behind desktop conversions. It’s simple that shopping on the desktop brings a much better experience than on the small screen devices. So how to improve mobile conversion rate? Just by making the product pages easier to navigate, and more clear, you will be able to significantly boost conversions and revenue from your mobile customers.

Searching for a solution? Mobile Converter is strongly recommended! The app eliminates the disadvantages, satisfies your customers and drives their actions while they are browsing your online stores on the smartphones. Free, simple but unexpectedly effective: these are accurate words to describe Mobile Converter.

Mobile Converter

Mobile Converter – One of the list of must have Shopify apps

#11 Auto Currency Switcher – Increase international sales

If your business is spread across multiple countries, you would always want the visitor to be able to see the displayed price in their home currency. Seeing displayed prices in one’s home currency save your foreign customers from Pain of mathematical gymnastics. The customer can also change the currency from the currency selection box. The checkout remains in the shop currency.

The app increases the comfort level of a foreign customer and increases your global sales.

Auto Currency Switcher

Auto Currency Switcher – Top Shopify Apps

#12 Facebook Shop – Sell products directly on Facebook

With Facebook Shop you can sell products directly on your Facebook Page. When you activate the Facebook sales channel on your Shopify store, a Shop tab will be added to your Facebook page that displays your Shopify products. The great thing is customers can checkout quickly without leaving Facebook on desktop or mobile. Product, inventory and order management can be done in Shopify.

This app lets you grow your reach on a channel where your customers already are and only takes a few clicks to get started with.

best free Shopify apps

#13 Happy Email – Make your customers happy

Not a full email marketing solution, this super simple but awesome app helps you send customers a welcome email after the first purchase order of signing up. What’s special is, the emails are sent out from the Founder’s email (or anybody’s email you’d like to set up), automatically after 30 minutes. The engagement between the customers and your online store will be uplift by initiating such a personal connection at the beginning.

Here’s how an example email looks like:

Happy Email

Happy Email – Top Shopify Apps

#14 Bulk Image Edit – Save time to manage images and boost up your SEO

Image optimization is an essential part of any online business. Bulk Image Edit set meaningful Alt Text and optimize sizes to product and theme assets images; Increase your website rank in Google search, and generate more traffic and sales.

best free Shopify apps

Bulk Image Edit – One of the list of must have Shopify apps

#15 Better Coupon Box – Grow email/follower list and boost up your sales

This is an efficient app for you if you want to build up your email/follower list and boost up your sales at the same time. Basically, Better Coupon Box helps you offer a special discount in exchange for new followers or subscribers. The discount incentive helps encourage a purchase which helps convert customers who were only on your site to browse while the emails/subscribers collected can be used to build a highly targeted sales funnel.

The greater the value you give your customers, the more they will trust you when they give you their email address or subscribe to your social pages and the more likely they can be converted to customers.

Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box – Top Shopify Apps

#16 Gorgias – Sales-focused helpdesk for your Shopify store 

Gorgias is the leading customer service app exclusively for Shopify stores, helping you turn your customer service team into a profit center.

As a Shopify Plus app partner, Gorgias shopify helpdesk helps you centralize customer communications across all your channels, from facebook comments, to email and even live chat, you can now build full visibility across all your channels to leverage them for your next sales promotions. With its deep and native integration with Shopify, Gorgias also helps you perform key actions on customer profiles or orders like cancellations or tracking without leaving your helpdesk, helping you save time on what matters most.


#17 Custom options – Create unlimited product options

If you are frustrated by the limited amount of 3 customizations on each product page, then this free app is definitely for you. To give you customers more product choices and increase the chance of selling successfully, this app helps you add unlimited personalizations to any product for any reason, thus create unlimited product options for customers to choose from.

best free Shopify apps

Custom options – One of the list of must-have Shopify apps

#18 Spocket – EU & US Dropshipping

Whether you’re looking to start a brand new store or add products to your existing store, look no further than Spocket. Spocket is the best source for US and European products offering a marketplace for Shopify dropshipping that you can access for free. All of the suppliers are carefully vetted with a pre-negotiated discount and offer branded invoicing so your customers. Connect Spocket to your WooCommerce or Shopify store, find products and list them all in a few minutes and watch your sales flourish.


#18 Easyship – Easiest way to ship worldwide

The last one in the list of the best Shopify apps 2019 is Easyship. The app helps eCommerce sellers ship internationally like a pro. One Easyship account gives your Shopify store access to 100+ worldwide couriers, rates discounted by up to 70%, and complete visibility on international shipping regulations, taxes and duties, available couriers, and rates. Connect your store, download your orders, and print labels and other required paperwork in minutes. The app is free; you only need to pay for your shipping costs.

best shopify apps

Easyship – One of the list of must have Shopify apps


Shopify stores of all scales can take advantage of these apps, as long as you use and implement them appropriately, they will get your stores up and grow. Spending $0 and get an immediate boost in sales, what stop you from installing the apps right now?

That’s our list of the best Shopify apps for 2019. Drop us a line in the comment if we missed any great ones. This post will be updated periodically, so your suggestions might be included in the next update.

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